The Campi Flegrei Archaeological Museum

Baia Archaeological Museum

This amazing Archaeological Museum is hosted in an Aragonese castle which is standing above the remains of a Roman huge villa. The archaeologists that excavated under the castle (2020) found traces of the Imperial villa where most of the Roman emperor lived.

The museum houses numerous artifacts and archaeological findings from the Phlegreian Area. From the castle the view is spectacular: the green Ischia island, little Procida island, the beautiful Capri island, Mount Vesuvius and the entire Gulf of Pozzuoli are just amazing.

The first section of the museum is an exhibition of all the artifacts from ancient Cumae, the first Greek settlement in the Western Countries.

The second section houses many findings from the ancient town of Pozzuoli, the famous Dicearchia, which was used as a commercial port by the Greeks and by the Romans.

The third section includes artifacts from the Rione Terra, the ancient area of Pozzuoli on the hill next to the modern town.

The visit to the Archaeological Museum of Baia lasts a couple of hours.

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