Here are a few reviews I received recently

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018

25/8/18  Dear Maria, Thank you so much for a fantastic guided tour today at Ercolano. You are the most wonderful guide.  Birthe and Peter

21stAugust Dear Dr Sannino,   I hope you are well,  I just wished to thank you again for the tour you took me on at Herculanium on the 21St of August.   It was very informative and interesting.  I really felt that I came away knowing and understanding not only of what happend around the time of the eruption but, much more about the Romans and their way of life. It was very pleasant to meet you and I thank you again for your time.  Sophie

8/8/18  Dear Dr. Maria, Thank you for the absolutely delightful, interesting, and brilliant tour that you gave to us yesterday in Herculaneum.  Because of you, the location almost literally ‘came alive,’ and we have been talking about it ever since. You were so generous with your energy, warmth, and with offering your mastery as a scholar and as a resident of this magnificent place.  Thank you for your hospitality and kindness.   Scott and Kevin