Ancient Pompeii with a qualified tourist guide who is an expert in archaeology

Enjoy an amazing tour of ancient Pompeii with a qualified tourist guide who is an expert in archaeology. Share your experience with a small group (max 12 pax) and skip the line!

Visiting Pompeii with an expert qualified tourist guide is always a great experience.

The guide will take you to see the most important spots, secret gardens, beautiful mosaics and hidden frescoes. You will learn about the way of life of the ancient inhabitants of this alluring city that opens its doors to all visitors. We will see houses decorated with frescoes and mosaics, shops which used to offer delicious food, impressive spas where the inhabitants took care of their bodies, places where they relaxed and had fun.

Ancient Pompeii was a very famous commercial town before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79AD destroyed it. The city was built on a hill facing the Tyrrhenian sea, in the bay of Naples and it was flanked by the Sarno river. The town flourished as a very important and strategic port, its traders imported jewels, precious stones, and spices and they exported wine, garum (fish sauce) and other typical products of the Vesuvian area.

Walking through the streets of the ancient town will take us back in time when Pompeii was a very rich, beautiful and flourishing town.

Let’s meet directly at the entrance to the archaeological site at the most convenient time for you! 

Please remember to wear comfortable shoes and a hat and bring a bottle of water with you.

Please note that the tour will take place even in case of rain.

To book the guided tour with the expert qualified tourist guide, please contact me at the following email address:

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