Padula Charterhouse

Padula Charterhouse
Padula Charterhouse © Maria Sannino

The Padula Charterhouse which is located in the province of Salerno (Campania region), near the Cilento National Park and the Diano Valley, is one of the most imposing complex of buildings in the country. It was built in 1306 and it was dedicated to Saint Lawrence, a martyr executed during the Roman Empire. Its layout in fact resembles the gridiron on which Saint Lawrence was burnt alive due to his Christian activity during the Roman Empire persecutions.

The conventual complex is formed by 320 rooms surrounding the largest cloister in the world, (15000 square meters) which is embellished by 84 beautiful arches. The entire huge building was the first to be declared “National Monument” in Italy.

The monastery comprises the domestic quarters, the Spicery, the Refectory, the large tiled Kitchen where, according to the legend, in 1535 a huge omelette was prepared with more than 1000 eggs. The large building also hosts the Treasury and a beautiful Church. Most of the venues of the entire monastery are embellished with wooden inlaid choirs, majolica floors and well preserved frescoes. An amazing Elleptic Staircase is leading towards the monks promenade.

All the area around the Monastery was already inhabited by people during the Prehistory and it retains many historic sites and archaeological areas. Therefore the Padula Charterhouse also boasts the Western Lucania Archaeological Museum where numerous findings from the area are displayed.

Duration. 2 hours

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A private transportation is needed to reach the area of the Charterhouse.

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