DSCF5371I am a qualified tourist guide living and operating in the Campania region, in Southern Italy. I hold a degree in Foreign Languages and I am qualified to lead customers in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, German and Spanish which I speak fluently.

I have a wide experience as an ambassador of my own country which, I think, I know reasonably well.

I am entitled to skip the lines at museums, archeological sites and other monuments of my region.

The Campania region has a lot to offer to visitors. It has been inhabited since immemorial times, so there is plenty of history that even pre-dates the arrival of Greeks and Romans into this area. There are Greek remains at Cuma, to the north of Naples, as well as in the Cilento National Park, south of Salerno, near Paestum, in addition to the remarkably well-preserved Roman ruins of  Herculaneum, Pompeii, Oplontis and Stabiae, near Naples. There is plenty of antique material on the display at the numerous museums  spread all over the region: remains and artifacts dating back to prehistory times, as well as  more modern handicrafts. The Campania has a very long and stunning coastline, which include the world famous Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento peninsula, as well as the more romantic Cilento coast. Close to the gulf of Naples there are the awesome islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.


A few of my Japanese customers in Capri island

The region also has the Appennines mountain range which embrace the plain known as the Piana Campana, offering outstanding panorama stretches, and it has many lakes and rivers generating from those mountains.  Consequently there are many opportunities to get out into nature. Among the most popular hikes Mt. Vesuvius, with its breathtaking views over the gulf of Naples, is surely the best target for hikers.

Since Campania was populated by different people, there is evidence of their culture and their artistic production in numerous buildings, art galleries, royal palaces, castles, churches and monasteries. The cities and villages of the region have always a peculiarity of their own, so it is possible to visit each of them and constantly marvel at it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need a qualified tourist guide for a memorable visit to the Campania region. My email is belsannino@gmail.com and my telephone number is +39 339 3982433

Here is a list of the tours I offer in Campania

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