Exploiting Ravello

Mercurio da Villa Cimbrone
Villa Cimbrone – Mercurio

An incomparable charming and magic place is the little resort town of Ravello. Raising above the high plateau off the Amalfi coast, Ravello is a little jewell that visitors from all over the world appreciate.

The old town is characterized by its narrow streets flanked by artisan’s shops where pottery and jewels are created. The Duomo of Ravello (the Cathedral) is famous all over the world for its beautiful mosaics.

The city and its notorious palaces are frequented by very famous actors and vips of all times. The musician Richard Wagner was enthralled by its gardens and many writers like Virginia Wolf and Gore Vidal sojourned in the little romantic town of Ravello.

Ravello is also known for its beautiful churches and its quite monasteries as well as for its wonderful villas. 

Villa Cimbrone with its beautiful gardens and magnificent terraces on the sea and Villa Rufolo, the ideal place for concerts of classic music in a magic atmosphere, are really worth a visit.

Duration: 4 hours