Saint Martin’s Charterhouse and Museum

Saint Martino Charterhouse

Saint Martin’s Charterhouse and its Museum, which stand up on the Vomero hill overlooking the bay of Naples, are counted among the most beautiful landmarks of Naples.

The Charterhouse was built in the Gothic style during the 14th century. The complex is formed by a Baroque style Church with artworks by the most important Neapolitan artists, two cloisters and the Monastery with its vineyards and gardens.

From the terraces of the Charterhouse the view on the Gulf of Naples is astonishing: the Sorrento peninsula, Capri island, the Vesuvius, the Appennine mountains, the entire city of Naples form a unique marvelous background.

Saint Martin’s Museum is formed by different sections:

The Church, considered to be a masterpiece of the Baroque style in Naples, is frescoed and decorated with marble and canvases.

The Paintings section is housing many canvases and artworks made by the most important artists active in Naples.

The Presepi section (the Neapolitan crib), among which the notorious Cuciniello’s crib, is among the most beautiful expressions of artisan’s works in Naples.

The Prior’s Apartments, which hosts numerous canvases and marble statues, is close to the Pharmacy and the Ships Hall where a few ships of the Bourbon age are displayed.

Duration: 2 hours

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