Sannio Museum

Sannio Museum

The city of Benevento, the ancient capital of the Sannio region (Campania) and of the Longobardia Minor, houses a very interesting archaeological museum which is worth a visit.

The Sannio Museum is adjacent to the famous and splendid Santa Sofia church. It is housed in an ancient monastery which has got a very beautiful courtyard surrounded by a peristyle with columns decorated with anthropomorphic elements. 

On the ground floor many marble statues and other artifacts of the Roman time coming from different areas of the Sannio region are displayed.

On the upper floors there is a large exhibition of ancient coins and numerous terracotta pottery and bronze objects and other archaeological findings.

A very beautiful exhibition of Medieval artworks, among which paintings on wood, is housed in the mezzanine.

Part of the museum is hosted in another building known as the Arcos Museum which contains the Egyptian collection of the artifacts which were found in Benevento and its ancient Iseo.

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